Worried about bullying


My son, 5, ASD diagnosed. In a special school, started reception in september 2017, all going well until another boy joined the class. This other boy seemed to focus in on my son and was very rough from the start. I have tried to be understanding and patient with the situation. Arranging play dates to get the boys to learn how to play together. But today the other boy has scratched my son so hard and drawn blood. I’m at a loss what to do next, on one hand I put myself in the other parents shoes and see how hard it is for them to have a child who hurts without reason, but now I’m worried that I’m teaching my son it’s ok to be hurt, and ok to be hurt by a friend!

School aren’t great with it either, social stories is the best they have come up with so far! My husband wants them to stop playing together, but how can that be enforced?!? Plus, my son GENUINELY likes this boy, I’m so confused!