accommodation problems


My 19 year old son is currently in residential care.  The care is classed as 'supported living' for individuals who have mental health problems.   He has been at the home for about a year.   

This wee I was told that the managers of the home did not think the placement was suitable for him.  They feel he  needs more specialised care.  Currently he has meltdowns, self harms and dresses inappropriately for the weather.  Things came to a head a bit last week when he got a bit upset and rode off dangerously on his bike.

My son is a good deal younger than the other residents in the home, and his profile is a little different.  He needs prompting and he loves to talk, but he also finds the group work that forms the core or the therapy in the home, difficult to manage.  He has a diagnosis of Asperger syndrome and is being assessed for psychosis, but his assessment is inconclusive.

The problem is, he rejects anything to do with autism and I am afraid that he will reject any alternative provision on the basis that it is too 'specialised'.  He cannot come home due to problems I have mentioned on previous posts and he cannot live independently.

I just feel a bit stuck.  Has anyone any ideas?


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