Relationship issues

Hi.  I am new to this forum.  I was just wondering if anyone with a child with ASD has problems in their relationship. We constantly fight and argue.  My husband says he is the only one that keeps our family going as he 'does everything'. He has developed OCD and anxiety since my son was diagnosed with Autism and its getting out of control.

He is obsessed with tidying which is a huge problem as my son is messy so he goes around the house constantly tidying up after our son.  He doesnt get any further forward though as my son goes from room to room making a mess. My husband expects me to constantly tidy up also but its exhausting and I have other things that have to be done in the house, as well as a daughter to spend time with.

My husband wont get help.  Ive asked him to go on medication to calm him down with his OCD and anxiety or to have counselling but he refuses.  He says we need to get our son sorted with medication for his ADHD and then he will feel better but we are still trying to get the right medication for my son 20 months later.

Ive had to change my life by going on anti depressants and having months of counselling to get by every day but my husband refuses to change and adapt.  He says he has no life yet hes so stubborn and wont help himself, or our family.

I think I could cope much better just me and my son and daughter but I cant afford to move out and have nowhere else to go.