Deregistered child from school, Teachers not letting Senco help

My daughter is 7, she has always enjoyed school until recently, her class teachers approach frightens her, her attendance dropped and education, it became battle getting her to school, tears and vomiting every morning.

Although their is a nice Senco at the school I feel she has to go by their rules, she wants to help but by the teachers ways only, we were in a room chatting and during this time 3 different teachers kept coming in, then the head who lingered in the room prending she was looking for something, I was told of by her teacher in front of people telling me she doesn’t shout at my daughter and that’s she getting fed up of her worrying about it, Senco agreed she should not have done that but soon as head teacher came in room, she just went quiet, it was wierd like she was scared to voice her opinion.

i have no option but to remove her from mainstream school, really think they need to provide more Senco support in schools as I am aware from school welfare more parents taking kids out of school with SEN because of the lack of support, and teachers not having enough understanding. Anyone else experienced this?