Travel assistance / Travel training


I'm new to this,

My daughter is 16 yrs old and will be leaving school soon. She has ASD,ADHD and learning difficulties. She doesn't have a ECHP.  Just a school plus learning plan.She is at a mainstream school.

The college she wants to go too is a distance from home,I can not take her. There is a public bus that goes pass the college.I'm looking for travel assistance for her. travel training.Does anyone know where I can get some help with this.Point me in the right direction

Any help appreciated

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  • Hi NAS36494,

    Most areas have their own (different) companies who offer Travel Training. I would therefore suggest you go on your Local Authorities website and look under their 'Local Offer' to find out what company is operating in your area.

    Travel Training in my area is great as you can self refer to them and they will work out a plan of helping your child become an independent traveller, such as accompanying them on their bus route several times, teaching them how to buy a ticket and read bus timetables etc, and then follow up with a couple of journeys with 'remote adult assistance' (surveillance only) until your child feels confidant to use public transport alone.  

    I would have liked to hope that your child's SENCo would know who the company operating in your local area is and could help you with making a referral for your daughter as part of her Transition (into Higher Education) Plan... 

    Best of luck.