Autism Diagnosis at 16

Our daughter has recently been diagnosed as ASD, probably Aspergers at the age of 16.

We never suspected this and it came as a complete surprise when a counsellor our daughter was seeing suggested she might be on the spectrum.

I've worked with children on the spectrum and didn't for one minute consider my child might be ASD.

Went through CAMHS process, convinced that at most they would say she had autistic traits however they offered her a diagnosis.

I find myself questioning how we got to this position and feeling the need to justify the diagnosis to people I know. 

Anyone else felt like this?

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  • Procrastinator put it so well, and I can relate to much of what she says. Good on you that you are able to view your daughter's diagnosis in a positive light. I didn't get diagnosed until I was 46 and for sure there are many things that I would have done differently had I known earlier, so I would say it's a good thing she has this information much earlier on in her life. It will help her (and you) to make informed choices about important stuff, like what sort of further education would be best for her, if that's a route she wants to go down, and what sort of career would she be suited to, and importantly would provide her with an environment in which she can thrive. 

    As far as it coming as a complete surprise, I would guess my mother felt much as you did when I told her. Looking back, it's daft really. She even used to say that it was a shame I didn't get to know my grandfather better (her father) because we are "so alike" she thought we would have really got on well ..... and he had Asperger's too :-)

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