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New here. Our 4 year old has many Autistic traits and both us as parents and his school have felt we need support. 

Today we attended a meeting with the school to start the process of getting support from both a speech and language therapist who he has already seen and another professional who I believe has more knowledge of autism. The SEN co-ordinator in the school suggested we also see our GP to ask for a referral to the paediatrician to get a formal assesment.

We got an appt this afternoon where the doctor said, we don’t do that, the school have sent you to the wrong place.

Discouraged by this and feeling like we were going round in circles Itookna look at NHS Choices which suggested the first point of cal was . . . your GP to refer to a paediatrician! I called 111 and spoke to a clinician who said: “Oh your GP is wrong!”

Phoned the surgery back and spoke to another doctor who made me feel bad for asking this asking why and said, “really check, the last time we referred it was declined. I can write a letter but there are no guarantees that you will get a referral to the paediatrian!”. “I have concerns that you have been told this by the helpline that doesn’t take into account local differences in services”.

What! What is going on. Who do I turn to?

Kind of fruatrated, all I want is some aupoort to understand how we can help support our little boy better as a parent! We have 2 older children and there is no doubt he is different and sees the world a different way. I know all children are different but I see so many autistic traits I feel we need some help to help him.

Any advice appreciated.

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