Getting Neglect From Care Workers

Me and my Mum have became increasingly concerned about the neglect from carers in this area of North Yorkshire.  Many have finished or stopped community work in the past few years.  After falling out with one company in August 2016 I have been through 5 providers that have either only lasted about 3 months or failed at providing me with any workers.  My Mum then put an add in a local shop window and within a week this lady contacted Mum and visited with loads of great ideas and a very positive attitude.  Few days later Mum gets text message saying she's not up for job.  My Dad is now having to cover through retirement.

  • When you say 'neglect', it looks like you mean they just aren't available.  I cared for my mother in the last months of her life, but I had some help from a local company which was very good.  Have social services been able to provide you with any help or guidance at all?  What kind of care does your mum need?  Presumably, she doesn't need to be in a nursing home or anything - which is good.  But it means that the onus then falls on family. 

    I'm sure you've probably seen this - but just in case it helps -

    Carers groups and organisations North Yorkshire

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