Recent behaviour crisis and school

So we are in Scotland and my 5 yo son (diagnosed at 3, loves numbers) who was doing well in mainstream primary, has started just lying down and screaming/crying when he doesn’t get what he wants at home or out and about. He has recently started doing this at school in this week, he can do this for hours and school then ask me to pick him up (although I can’t physically carry him) at school he is shouting for staff or girls toilet which isn’t allowed. At times I have had to ask strangers to carry him in the house. On Monday a teacher had to give him a lift in her car cause no way was he walking. He hurts himself and probably can scare others when so upset/anxious. He cannot control his impulses and I feel this is affecting what he can get out of his learning. I have actually phoned to speak to our Paediatrician because I wonder if medication may be a way out and whether there may be adhd related issues as well but psychiatrists don’t really want to give him any medication. Does anyone have any experience of medication to manage behaviour of autistic children or of adhd? Also if anyone can share details of a private Paediatrician that will be great too

I created a social story so am using that and also have made up a song, to highlight to him that when at school he has to use the boys toilet. He seems content when we discuss it but don’t know what comes over him at school. Yesterday his head teacher had to carry him out because he was just lying on the floor and screaming for the adults toilet. This morning I was called in and told that from now on he should only be doing mornings until he either settles down or if after discussing with other professionals they think a different type of school would be better for him. So from Monday I have to pick him up at 12 (which is a bit hard as I work but fortunately they are willing to understand, for now) and review it on a weekly basis with the headteacher. Just wanted to vent but of anyone has any advice that will be marvellous too.

    1. We are having behaviour issues too. Has something bad happened to him one day when he used the boys' toilet? Maybe he has had an unpleasant experience that is causing this, but he can't verbalise it?
  • I don’t know. A couple of times he sneaked inside staff toilets but isn’t really allowed. He always has 1:1 though so wouldn’t really be alone in boys toilet with other kids? They have said that next week he will be doing just mornings, I know I could challenge that but then they can just formally exclude him. I don’t know whether to say anything or to keep quiet :(