14 year old - OCD/Apergers - "forgetting" medication

Not impressed I must admit but thats my son to a tee. Goes with the flow, expects things to bend the way he wants etc and will make zero effort to help himself.

We've spent over £500 on private consultant appointments to get him seen and presribed medication. Found out for the last 10 days hes "forgotten" to take it.

Hes almost 15 - I'm absolately bomping mad with him. Surely, at 14/15 he should be able to know the importance of it?

  • Aspies can definitely have short term memory problems, though their long term memory is often excellent. This is definitely true for myself - I can be asked to do something and not five minutes later forget what it was. It doesn’t matter that I know I was supposed to do something, I just can’t seem to remember what it was no matter how hard I try. This is why I write notes to remind myself and I put everything on my calendar and set reminders.

    With regards to the issue with your son, I would suggest that first you need to find out if he is deliberately not taking his medication, or if it is genuine forgetfulness. You could try asking him why he thinks he is forgetting his medication, or if it’s that he doesn’t want to take it. Certainly if it is genuine forgetfulness then there would be ways to help remind him (such as above), but if he is doing it so as to avoid taking the medication then this is something you will have to discuss with him to find out why. Then once you know what the issues are, hopefully you would be able to come to a mutual solution for all.

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