14 year old - OCD/Apergers - "forgetting" medication

Not impressed I must admit but thats my son to a tee. Goes with the flow, expects things to bend the way he wants etc and will make zero effort to help himself.

We've spent over £500 on private consultant appointments to get him seen and presribed medication. Found out for the last 10 days hes "forgotten" to take it.

Hes almost 15 - I'm absolately bomping mad with him. Surely, at 14/15 he should be able to know the importance of it?

  • With quotes like "Absolute rubbish“ and “pathetic“ when someone offers their opinion and tries to help, and with other comments in that same post, I can see why your son might not be communicating much on this.

    You seem to have a very know-it-all attitude. That's bad enough when talking to adults on this forum, but will be worse for your son. He's 14. 14 year olds aren't known for being particularly good at forward planning or understanding the complexities of medical care.

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