My son wakes during the night all night.

We are still waiting to go back to have the autisum assessment for the second time and my son is now 9 and we struggle. The hardest thing at the moment is he is waking constantly in the night very stressed and angry that he is too hot. When the house is not hot at all. He cant get comfy and non of his covers are right for him. He doesnt want my advice and help he just wants to stress and have me stay with him. It causes agression and his brother in tears as they share a room . 

I dont know what i can do for him. I give him wet flannel and try do deep breathing with him but he doesnt respond. I consider  sensory type blankets but they so expensive an im sure he would say it does not feel right. 

Any advice greatly appreciated. 

  • Hi NAS36486,

    I think it might be wise to take your son to his Gp first, just to rule out whether he has an infection or some other physical ailment that may be causing him to heat up in the night, such as a water infection. You don't mention whether you take his actual temperature or not when he wakes- it might be a good idea to do so. 

    JML sells a 'cold pillow' (which is about a tenner) which is filled with a gel like substance which stays cool to the touch, or you can even put it in the fridge to cool it down further before use. This sort of pillow might help? 

    My only other thought is that, perhaps you son is having night terrors but, being on the spectrum, perhaps he is not able to communicate this to you or even be able to realise this is what is happening himself, and instead he may be waking up stressed and befuddled and the only explanation he can offer to describe his feelings is that he is hot and uncomfortable? There is lots of advice online about night terrors as both adults and children can suffer with these. If you Google 'Night Terrors' you may find some info and tips which might be helpful.

    Best of luck. 

  • Hi NAS36486.

    How about wearing lighter/less clothing? I find that it can get too hot for me, even during the cold winter nights - switching to a t-shirt and shorts may be more comfortablex

    Much love <3