i have been thinking of getting some kind of career in psychology in the future but i was thinking is it possible for someone with autism to become a psychologist?

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  • On a serious note how many Aspie folk are held back from reaching their potential due to an inability to jump the hoops of old school interview practices (something Silicon Valley is addressing, at last)..

    Well historically Aspergians, Aspies and Neurological Divergents have been thought mad or weird etcetera and rejected on the basis, quite incorrectly, that we are are as such deviants.

    Not so and this is becoming known as so.

    Evolutional theorists even think, incorrectly, that we are the next evolutional step in human development. Even though this is incorrect, as we have always been around, some ND's do have the psychological apparatus to not only understand, but also to comprehend humanity's next technological step.

    Thus it is that tech organisations or science establishments like Silicon Valley etcetera, are advertising for and employing as many Neurologically Divergent people as possible ~ so as to solve the infinite and finite correlations of Base3 mathematics, geometrically structured fields and forms, for zero-point energy or dark-matter utilisation.

    and the fact that we just...well, you know...kind of (don’t take this personally), ... don’t fit...

    Well as far as the societal delusion goes that we do not fit ~ I do take it personally and thankfully as complement ;-)

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