School controlling outcome of diagnosis!


We are looking for further advice. We've been on the MDA waiting list 4 years. Finally got through assessment with 12 year old son.

He was assessed using DSM 5. The outcome is A1- Psych & SALT agree but school don't. A2 - Psych & SALT agree but school don't. A3 - All agree.

B1 & B2 - all agree, B3 - Psych & SALT agree but school don't. B4 - all agree.

So A1, A2 & B3 would have been successful as Psych & SALT agreed it was clear in assessment but because school who have known him 7 weeks at point of MDA, disagree we don't get diagnosis. The psych said Asperger's when verbally feeding back but said they have to be careful if school don't agree, as the school could challenge the diagnosis. How in God's name is this right? Medical professionals agree but an outdated school SENCO who has known him 7 weeks can have so much influence?

Where can we go next? Can't believe school's can control so much.

We have had to de-register him from the Education system anyway, as there were a couple of safeguarding issues that the school fobbed off. We couldn't let the school systems do anymore damage, so we de-registered before we got the results of assessment. So he has been officially home educated since January.

I'm hoping someone can please help us through this. My son has been failed by the Education system and now the Health system.

Any words of advice please?

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