Natural supplements

Can anyone recommend natural vitamins or supplements that help with focus?  Sick of Children's hospital prescribing meds and would rather go natural.  Obviously if there was a magic supplement for socialization as well that would be great but doubt that is out there but have heard of natural supplements vitamins for children to assist w focus.  Any experiences or success please share.  Thanks in advance.

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  • I don't use or know much at all about herbal supplements but as a parent I can recommend a magic supplement for socialisation that helped with my daughter, we got her a pet. I don't mean to sound trite but it really did help her to calm down in her interactions and learn about give and take a little. She learned to consider how her actions might make it feel and not to scare it with rough handling or tantrums. Depending on the pet, they can also teach taking-turns with toys or considering another's needs and point of view. It's worth considering anyway. It can also give children an interest that they want to learn / read / find out about so that it might actually help with focus too. 

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