I have 2 autistic children now aged 7 and 14 and as they have grown older I thought I could manage but are finding life extremely hard which in affect has put a massive strain on my relationship with my wife!!!!!!!! the bottom line is I act like I can cope but CANT!!!! I struggle and doubt myself as a parent as I get nervous when around the children and then shut off most probably looking like I don't care!!! is there any advice, courses or anything that I can use to help me on dealing with parenting as I should have admitted years ago that I need advice and help!!!! 

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    have your children got allocated social workers? I’m just wondering what area you are based in? Sometimes a parent/career group can be really beneficial. It’s basically other parents that are experiencing the same situations as yourself. Your children should be eligible for a social worker or try asking the school to refer them to social services and hopefully you can get some much needed help. They can help by providing short term respite, looking at specialised provisions,

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