My daughter is 7 and has asd and severe speech impairment she can tell me 'I sad' but can't give more detail. I informed school today that she has started to bite her arm or scratch herself down her arms but while I'm waiting on any further action I wondered if anyone could give advice as to how I could sooth her anxiety. My son also has asd and severe anxiety but I can find out from him what the issue is to deal with it but with my daughter I'm at a loss. Thanks for reading. 

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  • Could she choose from a list of options what the problem is? Does she have a communication system to suppliment her speech? ( If not, it would be worth getting a speech therapy referral, to get one in place.) Wherever you have an idea what had upset her, you can help her by modelling this for her e.g. If she scratches herself because  something is broken, use this an opportunity to model "I sad toy broken." Etc I used to draw my son cartoon stories to help him make sense of upsetting events and to model the language needed to label it/ talk about it.

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