Son (20) still at home.


Just wondering if there is anyone out here with an adult son living at home. Really just needing a bit of blether about the highs and lows of it all,

My son has finished doing a course at the local college, andhas been on a 'ready for work' course, but he is extremely reticent to move forward despite support being out thre, maybe not to ghet work but at least to involve him in vounteering etc. He has a skill with cooking and a City and Guilds 1 in cookery. That said he has classic social difficulties for Aspies, mis understandig things and currently anxiety. His reading / writing is v basic although he can get by so long as he is not rushed...He has a great sense of humour, loves politics and movies...I think he's great!! 

Anyway,  if you are in a similar situation and could offer some chat support, or indeed know of any group specifically for this, then please let me know.

Thanks very much M

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  • Hi Tegan

    Your situation sounds quite similar to mine.  My son is a bit younger at 17.  He left school last summer with a small number of National 5 and National 4 qualifications (we are in Scotland, so Nat 5 is GCSE O Level).  He tried a Music course at College but struggled with the lack of structure and left at Christmas.  His confidence it very low and although we have been in touch with a volunteering group for young people, he would hardly speak so they are not able to help.

    We haven't been involved with support services outside school although I am now actively trying to link in with the Social Work service to see what support is out there.

    On the bright side, he has just started learning to drive and is doing well and really enjoying it.