Pathological Demand Avoidance syndrome and Autism

Hi my nearly 8 year old daughter has diagnosis of Autism spectrum disorder, learning disabilities, sensory problems and sleep disturbances along with severe anxiety. For the past year we have noticed her behaviour has changed. It has become increasingly violent and her moods switch at the drop of a hat. She can become very violent (she has been known to hit myself, my husband and her brother) I was questioning whether she was entering puberty early. I was doing some research online as we have her annual EHCP review and I came across PDA. I honestly could of wrote it personally about my daughter. Even things I never thought anything of can be a sign. For instance when she doesn’t want to do something she has been know to throw herself on the floor and say her legs are broken and she can’t get up. Other things like I have been fighting with speech and language about her as she appears to have good levels of it but I keep telling them she hasn’t got a clue what it means. She appears well behaved at school but at home she can get very angry over nothing. One second she is fine, the next she is breaking things, hurting people and all kinds. She also doesn’t see myself and my husband (her father) as authority figures. She shouts that she is the boss and it’s her house etc. She is also very domineering over her younger brother. He has to do what she says. She also shouts over people if she doesn’t like what she is hearing. We tried taking things away from her if she is naughty but it doesn’t effect her at all. So I’m looking into PDA. The only thing that doesn’t really fit is she has none to very little imagantive play. She is and has been obsessed with spongebob square pants since she was 6 months old. Anyone on here have an info on it? Any advice would be welcome. Is it possible to have a diagnosis of Autism and PDA or does one cancel the other out? It’s all very new to me

thanks in advance