Travelling abroad PLEASE HELP

My daughter will be 18 in February and is super into dog training and she gone on a few seminars in U.K. But she has seen a trip to Ohio which is 14 hour flight two stops and 4 day seminar. She hasn't even travelled on a bus on her own but to be fair anything dog oriented that she is totally fine. Due to cost I won't be able to travel with her so my question really is should I say no or should I encourage her. Also does NAS know of chaperones or any assistance she can have whilst travelling. I'm thinking no you can't go it's too far but at the same time I don't want to spoil her dream as its her dog training idol who she saw last year in the UK



  • Hi Sue. When I was working as a social worker I had a client (elderly lady) who had a son in his early 40’s, with special needs/unclear diagnosis, he came from South Africa where he had never really had a diagnosis but it was more like autism. Anyway, to cut a long story short, he had never travelled on public transport alone, and had been heavily shielded by his Mum but he wanted to travel back to South Africa for a visit and to see family, and he managed the trip really well. As a side note, I got involved with his care because the authorities wanted to put him in a residential home as his mother has dementia and wasn’t able to do as much for him anymore. Again, long story short, I fought for him to stay at home and to get him some support that was going to help him because as I argued and as I proved, they didn’t have the right to say he couldn’t manage if he never been given the opportunity and given the opportunity he managed very well. I think we have to enable and empower people to take positive risks. And as moggsy said, the airlines are usually happy to provide support. 

    Also, my friend’s son, who does use public transport by himself (he’s about 19), but has never been abroad by himself, is going to Japan this year by himself. He’s got a fascination with Japan so his mum suggested his go and he thought that was a great idea so he arranged it, with his mums help. He would only do something like this if it was related to his special interest. And I’m the same, if something has meaning in it for me, I can usually do really well with all the tasks etc, yet I often struggle to make myself something to eat and my son wonders how I get through a day without help! Lol! 

    I could do with your daughters help when I get my new puppy. I want to train him really well so I’ll be getting into this thing soon. 

    I would definitely encourage your daughter to go. Maybe find out as much as you can about where she’ll be staying etc, ask for somebody to be there to greet her. Get help with the flights etc. Arrange transfers to the hotel etc. Keep in touch with her etc. Think of all the risks so you can put measures in place etc if necessary. Have things written down, clearly but simply, in a way that she prefers. For example, I like little flow chart things. And as moggsy said, talk to her about it, practice scenarios etc if necessary, just so you both feel comfortable. But I would say, if it’s related to our special intetest, we will be able to do pretty much anything.  

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