ASD Assessment & ADHD

I am sorry if there is a previous thread on this already - I am very new to the community. My son is awaiting his diagnosis and his Special Ed Needs certification in Northern Ireland. We are taking things as it comes and are on alot of waiting lists for emotionla and behavoural support and family support which is still forthcoming. At a point in limbo at the minute with everything and trying not get fustrated with the system because everyone is in the same boat and we are luckier than most with a roof, safe home and food in our bellies. Things are stressful at home and school for us as a couple. We dont have any family or support and both my husband and I work round the clock in jobs and taking care of our tiny human who is 5 next week! As time progresses at this stage we are confident his diagnosis will be Asperger's however we are now very more aware of everything and how he is presenting himself through time. We both are of the opinion he has ADHD but are not sure how to (at this limbo stage) how to pursue this? I dont have much knowledge of ADHD but a diagnosis of Aspergers, for my son, is not the whole picture. I am seeking some advice on what I should do? Would i best have a meeting with the SchoolSpecial Ed Co-ordinator for advice or contact the Health Visitor? Im feeling a bit lost and our life (what is left of it) is suffering because we dont know how best to support our Son. Its utterly exhausting everyday and i feel if we cant help him whatever we do is either making it worse or not addressing these aspects of his personality. Any advice would be most welcomed. 

Morgana x

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