Cutting own hair off

Hi wondered if anyone else has experienced of ads adult cutting own hair off our 21 year old daughter has started to cut her hair almost bald she did have long hair but has since cut it off she hadn’t done it for about 8 weeks but has done it again today she had told us she wants to grow it long then has cut it all off again 

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  • This doesn't sound unusual at all.  The whole hair dresser experience and managing longer hair is in my opinion stressful and a faff.  I am better at coping with it now I am older, but when I was younger, I would scream when my mum styled my hair or when I went to the hair dressers.  I also hate the feel (and still do) of hair blowing in my face or being on my face.  Having a fringe that is getting on the long side really stresses me out as I can feel it on my eyebrows and above my eyes.  In fact, I have  hair appointment tomorrow and I always get nervous the day before.

    At 13, I decided enough was enough and had my hair shaved off.  I loved it, but the bullying that followed was horrible, especially at that age when kids are particularly cruel.  So following that I didn't go to a hair dresser again for probably 8 years, at which point my hair was long straggly and a bit of a mess.  Again, went in for the brutal chop and went short.

    I now have a hairdresser I can trust which eases the anxiety and has come to understand these phases I go through.  My last session I went in and said cut it all off after growing it long and maintaining it better.  She asked why and I said I couldn't cope with the feel of it and managing it, so sensibly, she suggested cutting it a bit shorter to see how I cope with it rather than go for a drastic crop.  I am glad she did as the phase has now passed (apart from my fringe driving me mad), which means I have managed to keep my hair long for the first time when going through one of these phases.

    Does your daughter hate going to a hair dresser?  If you can find one she can trust who may be able to do a home visit then that might ease things.  I find making a commitment to a hair appointment helps as it stops me doing anything too dramatic myself, thus leaving it to the professionals.  It has also helped me to develop a routine in getting my hair cut and managing my hair condition better.

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