I don’t know how to cope with my 12yr old

I feel like i am sinking and I have no idea how to cope. My son is 12 years old and has ASD. I also have a 9 year old son. I am a single mother. 

I have no patience, ever, so find my son hard to handle. Tonight we had dinner at my mums and I ended up leaving with my youngest (my eldest stays at my mums Tuesday to Friday) after my son went off on one. I couldn’t cope and stormed out. 

I need help on how to cope but i have no idea where to go for advice. 

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  • so sorry you are feeling like this. i can completely understand your situation.  i have a 15yr old with an asd and 8 yr old twins with ADHD and I too am a single mum.  for a long time I felt like I was sinking every day.  i had no idea how to handle normal everyday situations at all.  i ended up on anti-depressants and the support I was getting was non existant.  i finally realised that only I could help me deal with my kids and basically did a lot of online reading about asd and adhd.  this website is a great resource for information.   my son had specific things that would set him off (he still does) .  I have learned to let a lot of their behaviours slide and pick my battles carefully...if only for my own sanity.  What exactly happened before your son lost control?  

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