4 year old hates trousers'

my son hates wearing trousers finding it ery difficult at the moment especially with the cold winter months he always wants to wear shorts I find I'm always saying to him if he wears them I will reward him running out of things to say , he gets so frustrated and angey most of the time he wants to be naked.

any other tips strategies.

Thanks Lu

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  • Hi Lu,

    I work with a young autistic lad like it.  He's been like it from childhood (he's now 21).  He will only wear t-shirts, jogging bottoms and Crocs or flip-flops.  He refuses to wear socks and any form of underwear.  When going out, he'll put a coat on - but that's as much extra clothing as he'll take.  He's highly autistic and quite challenging.  It seems it's clearly a sensory issue with him - though he doesn't seem to have any aversion to any particular fabrics or textures.  It's just how he is.

    Have you spoken to anyone else about it yet?  Can your GP refer you to any services?

    Take a look here - there might be something to help...


    Ideally, it would help if he could perhaps see a behaviour therapist.  Depends what the resources are in your area.