Chromosome 16 p 11.2 duplication

My daughter was diagnosed earlier in the year with autism spectrum condition and was referred for a blood test to have a genetic test.

the test came back with having  Chromosome 16 p 11.2 duplication has anybody came across this with their child.

the letter we received didn’t offer much other than we was being referred to a rare chromosome clinic to test both me and my wife.

Thanks in advance

  • I have not heard of this as in hearing of any specific individuals being studied or tested for this,, I do know researchers are looking at chromosomes and a potential link in family.

    Maybe you are in a particulare area where study is being carried out.

    I am a mature Male about to ask for formal diagnosis. I have two daughters now grown up, I can see many traits of autism in one of them.

    thank you for putting this forward though, we are all looking for a reason to be ourselves and be more accepted by the so called normal way of thinking.

    many thanks.