ASD assessment- advice please!


i have a 4.5 year old with suspected autism, so far we have had an initial speech and language assessment and the outcome was that he has a severe language impairment. 

I then received the questionnaire for the ados assessment, which I promptly filled out and sent back, and I know one was sent to the school to complete, I just wondered how long did everyone wait to then find out if an assessment was needed? And how long did you have to wait for an appointment?? 

Thank you 

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  • Hi there, I don't have any personal experience with children, but given that the waiting times seem to vary a great deal between different counties (or whatever administrative unit makes the difference there) you may get a more accurate answer from your local NAS branch. If someone here says they got an appointment after 8 weeks then you may get one in 4 weeks or 2 years. Maybe something has changed now, that's what a mum told me who couldn't get her son on a waiting list at all because the back-log was too big, so she was asked to come back later...

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