What help should a school offer?

hello I have a 8 year son who has been diagnosed 6 months ago with asd/Aspergers. His school seem to be very laid back in their approach to his educational needs. I have been told he won’t get a healthcare plan as his needs are social and emotional but he is struggling in class with the pace of the work and his teacher does not seem to acknowledge his need for sensory breaks and that lack of routine and structure is very upsetting for him. He also struggles with fine motor skills but I’m told that he has limited one to one as they have a lot of children needing attention. We have a meeting with the senco and teacher next week and we are trying to arm ourselves with as much information as possible before we go. Can anyone shed any light as to what they should be offering him and where we can go for help and support. He is at the point where his sensory overload is high and he doesn’t want to go to school because his teacher doesn’t ‘get him’. Sorry for the ramble but we at a loss as to what he is entitled to. Thank you