'Mild autism'

Hi, my son was diagnosed last week with the above. He is 3.5 and due to start school next September. Although I've been fighting for this, still feel really sad about it, especially as he has come on so much in the last 6 months!  It's a lot to get your head around, felt as if I was told, given a leaflet and shown the door. Wondered if anyone else has had the same diagnosis and how it affected them, their child and especially mainstream school life...thanks for reading, any support would be greatly appreciated :) 

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  • Hi NAS36414, I’m not in your situation, so just offering some moral support really. It’s natural for you to experience a range of emotions, at this diagnosis, and I think it’s imoortant to allow yourself to feel them, without judgement. The diagnosis doesn’t change who your son is and he will keep on growing and developing and making you more proud of him than you could ever imagine. There are so many positive aspects to autism that are often overlooked by the professionals, but despite the challenges, they are there. And your son is one lucky boy to have a parent who is able to suppprt him. Local support groups for parents of children with autism can also be of significant value. My Support Group is mixed, it has adults with autism and parents of children with autism and we all share our experiences with each other, which is so valuable. Mainstream school can be challenging in many ways but an early diagnosis is valuable and can really help you both through any challenges you come up against. Well done for fighting for the diagnosis. I fought for mine and wasn’t expecting to feel so sad about it once I got it. I see that as part of the grieving process of the loss of expectations etc that I suppose I had for a certain kind of life. I allowed myself to express my grief etc and now I’m able to focus more on what I can do about it. I accept it but had to go through a bit of a roller coaster of emotions to get to that point. Most if not all parents and probably adults, go through a range of emotions. It is a lot to get your head around. Try not to get overwhelmed, and remember how well your son has been doing these last 6 months and how he will continue to do so. 

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