NHS treatment of teens with mental issues - National disgrace

These are a few thing struck me about recent experiences:-

1. GP are not interested at all in getting involved - they shovel it along as soon as they can.

2. The people in CAMHS don't appear to give a monkeys as long as they tick the box and meet their targets. There is no provision to expedite care it seems.

3. There are people working in CAMHS (our local one anyway) who don't deserve to be looking after a hamster let alone a vulerable teenager. We've had all sorts of excuses why they can't help ranging from call the police, call social services to telling us we needed to look at our parenting skills.

4. There appears to be NO provision for adolescents to see a Psych doctor or consultant AT ALL to determine the most appropriate treatment plan.

5. There is NO emergency provision for mental health for adolescents (at least in my area). Pretty sure if an adult presented at A&E there would be an on-call mental health professional available - not for anyone else.