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Do anyone have any  issue with your GP Surgery about free flu vaccination of your autistic child ?

I am mother /career of 5 year  autistic child who is non verbal and learning difficulties, my GP surgery has refused to give her free flu vaccination but I have free flu vaccination as career  any one has same experience??  

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    We can't have flu vaccination (nasal drops)  from my daughter school due to my religion faith, her school has no option for flu injection.

    I contacted to my GP surgery they did not offer her flu vaccination as she does not eligible  because she is not fall in risk group. although she has diagnosed as:


    I again contacted to Children Consultant ( Community Paediatrics), she gave us letter and communicated to GP surgery that our  daughter need flu jab due to her health issue but GP surgery did not offer flu vaccination.

    I raised this concern to NHS England ,they contacted to GP surgery and send us letter that our daughter did not qualify  for flu jab as not diagnosed as asthma even though she is using asthmatic inhaler on regular basis.

    I am looking for help from members and parents of autistic children how that GP surgery did not consider the letter Consultant / community paediatrics as their duty of care for disable person to look after their health.

    Kind regards.

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