Autism and depression

Hi, feeling really hopeless just left the hospital where my 15 years old autistic daughter is detained under section. I just need someone to give me a little hope and tell me if she is going to stop trying to end her life. I fear that one day she will succeed. I listen to the doctor and it doesn't feel me with confidence as they don't seem to know what to do and keep trying different things that don't work. Why does she get so depressed? Sorry about this whimpering but most of the people I know just look at me with puppy eyes and want to hug me but they don't really understand. I know you guys do.

  • I know that when I have experienced depression, it isn't just 'one thing', it's a series of things which all help to lower my sense of self esteem which then further feed into the feelings of depression. It is different for everyone and age will also play a part. For example, I am no longer trying to 'fit in' like I did when I was younger and what I've noticed recently, is that my sense of self worth etc is all effected when my basic needs aren't getting met. I didn't even used to know what that meant but after years and years of inner reflection etc, I can see that the world moves too quick for me and when I try to keep up the general pace of the rest of the world, my basic needs get overlooked and ignored and this, ultimately, leads to depression for me. Being 15 is difficult for most people and having ASD can make it that much more difficult and not only have they got social pressure to fit in etc, their bodies are changing, hormones etc are kicking in and many of us on the spectrum struggle to identify feelings anyway so things get even more confusing when we start to experience other strange feelings that we don't understand. 

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