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My son is in the process for a diagnosis of autism he has just been diagnosed with dyspraxia.

He is four years old and his latest thing is to hit people but his teacher even said today his not being nasty because he is laughing and joking about with the other child and when he does it it's as though he don't know how to deal with excitement or something has anyone else experienced this would love to hear experiences please he 

  • As your son has been diagnosed with dyspraxia I expect you’re aware of the dyspraxia website ? But just thought I’d post a link for you just in case you’re not. Having dyspraxia and autism does bring difficulties with coordination and communication including issues of being unaware of “boundaries “ and how to mix with other people. We are not just physically clumsy but socially too. (I have both and adhd as well). It’s surprising what is on YouTube in relation to both dyspraxia and autism so that’s another place you can look for information. 

  • Hi Nevergiveup92,

    You might find it useful to look at the NAS webpages on behaviour.  The following link has sections on challenging behaviour and strategies for use at home and school. 

    I hope you find something helpful.

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