On the autism spectrum? Do you have a special interest you are passionate about? Want your writing or artwork to be published? Your help is needed in starting a new indie magazine!

 As a sixteen -year old with Asperger’s syndrome I know all too well, how it feels to share extensive knowledge on your passion with someone, only to be met with blank expressions; bored by your knowledge regarding the history of mechanical keyboards, disengaged by your talk on your extensive manga collection and simply baffled by the thesis you recently spent hours developing regarding the topic of consciousness and reality.

I believe strongly that young people on the autistic spectrum need an outlet, a place to submit their musings- more specifically, a magazine.

My vision is of an inclusive magazine, created solely by those on the spectrum. I wish for it to be a source that the autistic reader will be able to derive a sense of belonging from. Whilst the neurotypical reader is offered the opportunity to indulge themselves in a wealth of passion, creativity and knowledge that is unique to the autistic brain.

I have found that autistic young people are able to produce astonishing content on their topics of interest.

Some examples of possible contributions:

-Reviews (be it video game, board game, book, music, figurine, film, anime, manga, clothing or technology reviews)

-  Essays/theories (philosophical, sociological, psychology based, abstract, humorous, personal)

- Articles (opinion pieces, current affairs, protest pieces)

- Art (traditional, digital, photography, comics, poems, short stories, song lyrics)

- Tutorials (computer programming, craft-related, Lego building, modding, cosplay, LARPING)

Examples of articles I myself have written/plan on writing (and intend on including in the magazine) include- Virtual Reality- The Psychological Impacts, Why Suffering Is Intrinsic to Human Nature, Fidget Spinners: A Revolution, The Social Construction of Gender Normativity, Casual Homophobia, The Autism Spectrum and Gender Identity, Animal Crossing: An Autistic’s Dream, and Reality is Relative.

I am specifically on the lookout for cover art for the first issue.

I would also love to have a “collector’s corner” page, where each issue a different individual’s collection (of anything- stamps, comics, dice, books, video games, anime, manga, shark teeth, figurines, empty packets, coins, reptiles, retro magazines, guitars etc.), is given the “spotlight.”

Certain specifications such as the name of the magazine, the page count, publication dates etc. are yet to be finalised.

It shall likely be a monthly publication, printed from home. Being involved in this project shall yield no economical profit for contributors (for the time being) only a mental one -of great satisfaction (I am doing this with my own money and time).

The magazine shall be distributed for free (for the time being) at my college. However, if one has contributed to the magazine they will receive a copy, personally sent to them in the post by myself. If one wishes to have access to an issue (digitally) and print and distribute copies of them themselves in their local area too, I would be very happy for this to happen.

The magazine is aimed at the age group of 13-21 years.

I wish for this to be an accepting, inviting and creative opportunity to be a part of.

I must be clear that this is not a magazine focused on autism. My desire is for it to feature an eclectic mix of creative media, created by those on the spectrum. (This is not to say that I am not ruling out essays, articles or artwork specifically on the topic of autism whatsoever! I am simply likely to limit the number of pieces talking directly about the topic of autism to one or two pieces per issue.) I do not wish for, upon opening the magazine, it to be “in your face” obvious that it was solely written by those with autism (this will be introduced in the editor’s note). What will be clear is that it was created by extremely gifted individuals.

 [Edited by Moderator - 25/10/2017]