I have realised recently that i have random taste for music and like i like alot from classical, heavy metal, rock, dance, punk, and hip hop but when it comes to the performer ie band, singer or dj i only like one or two songs that they have done. There is a few bands that i like more than one song but not many just wondering what other  people think if they have the same view, only like one type music or just like one band and listen to only them. i just like that music its so varied each makes you feel and think differently. what are your views on music

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  • the thing with susan boyle i disliked was the whole thing they didnt think she would able to sing because she wasnt covered in makeup like everyone else and she got through on her singing voice but then they just kinda tried to rebrand her make look "better" in their words that must been difficult to take you have a great talent but people jugde on looks still so i dont know those shows just do my head in cant stand manufactured talent

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