I have realised recently that i have random taste for music and like i like alot from classical, heavy metal, rock, dance, punk, and hip hop but when it comes to the performer ie band, singer or dj i only like one or two songs that they have done. There is a few bands that i like more than one song but not many just wondering what other  people think if they have the same view, only like one type music or just like one band and listen to only them. i just like that music its so varied each makes you feel and think differently. what are your views on music

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  • lostmyway said:

    I agree with a lot of what you say Tom.

    I tend to get turned off The X factor because although some of the contestants do have real talent, the way they belt out the songs drives me up the wall (too old and crotchety I guess). Also, the way the 'audience' howls and hoots as soon as the singer starts singing is in very bad taste in my view. A bloody rabble, if you ask me.

    And, while I'm having a rant, the way the camera zooms in to a close-up of Simon Cowell or Sharon Osbourne, etc. seems so contrived it almost makes me physically sick. The whole things seems so 'cheap' I no longer watch it.

    But hey, what do I know, millions of fans can't all be wrong!

    Ok, rant over.

    Yes.  Having said what I did, though, I'm always pleased when someone like Susan Boyle comes on, or Paul Potts.  Plain-looking, a bit dishevelled, not fitting in with the shape and style of the body and fashion fascists.  And then.... they're all shocked to their roots with what comes out.  So... all those petty, trivial pre-judgments were wrong!

    I think I read that SuBo has Asperger's.  That probably accounts for her public meltdowns.  It must be hell to be suddenly thrust into the public glare like that.

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