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Our 3 year old boy is in the final process of officially being diagnosed, and we are probably like many  other families , in that we are always online desperately looking for help/ advice  that  may  help our boy, we have come  across articles on cannabis oil  ( albeit mainly on  American sites ) has any one got any views on this? Is it legal here ,does it help, has anyone any experience of it ? 

  • Children are often given fairly strong meds from the GP as I was.
    As an adult I occasionally use legal CBD oil and there are times when it does help.

    All suppliers and oils are different ... some oils can be energising and others relaxing so requires experimentation.
    Holland and Barrett do a mild version ... but I would recommend the blue or purple editions from CBD brothers,
    CBD is not considered psychoactive or a drug so some of the other posters need to get off their high horse and drop their prejudice. CBD is quite subtle, but worthwhile in my opinion if needed ...  its effects are not miraculous and of course users will still be autistic ... but just with another coping tool.
    It is bi-phasic so one must start with a low dose

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