Hello my son has been wakening every night now for the last lot of weeks.  He wakes screaming and very annoyed. He ranges from having to get up at say 4.30 and then back an hour or so later to just being able to peacify him in his bed by lying in with him.  He got his diagnosis in September but I dont really know if this is related to Autism.

Please advise a tired mum.



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  • hi

    i know excatly how your feeling i  have twins my daughter has 5mg of melatonin and 4.5ml of alimemazine but she still wakes up through the night and wakes up early then my two sons suffer as she screams the house down she keeps them awake most the night.

    Maybe have a chat with your gp or health visitor about it xx i was toatlly against gving my daughter medication for her lack of sleep but 2 and a half years of it i had no choice as we were all suffering from having no sleepx 

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