Urgh. Anything positive to discuss?

The world seems grim right now with Covid, Brexit, endless atrocities, and my cold, uncaring birth family are going to the extreme to prove they don't give two hoots about me.

Is there anything nice we can discuss? e.g. I'm so happy that All Creatures Great and Small and The Great British Bake Off are coming back in the next few weeks. Also Strictly Come Dancing. Lots of silly shows to distract us.

Maybe this is a thread for people who have had enough, to come and talk about lighter, happier subjects.

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  • Yes they do.

    For anyone out there reading this, a good rule of thumb to follow is that anything electrical that makes HEAT, is likley to draw a LOT of power, and really should be plugged into a ring main, and not a spur or extension lead. There are exceptions like my soldering iron, adn some otehr tools but all your water heaters, room heaters, dryers etc gulp electricity like it is going out oof style. People who like to "grow their own" on an large scale quite often get themselves into "electrical trouble" as well as legal trouble, because those super hot sodium bulbs pull a lot of power... 

    MOSTLY a ring main socket will be a double socket on the wall. UNless it''s teh house my daughter bought where the DIY supremo who wired it has the tumble dryer washing machine and dishwasher all running off a single 13 A spur box which actually started to melt as soon as they used everything at once.

    I am not a qualified electrician (although I channeled my forst wiring into a wall about 53 years ago) so if these issues affect you, you really ought to seek qualified advice as well as taking on board what I've written.