Inspirational Quotes

Hi! I thought I’d start another of my light hearted threads. Although this is quasi-light hearted with a view to hopefully help and lift people’s spirits along the way.

Please post your favourite inspirational quote (or meme) or a quote (or meme) that you like or think will help others on this forum. I used to collect quotes in my early teens and my first and favourite quote has always been:

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  • I'm such a terrible perfectionist who gets stalled and stuck if I am forced to make do. This quote /song  makes my eyes well up. It's inspiring.. but I can't do it either. 

  • I like this quote, nothing and nobody is ‘perfect’. Those who try to pretend that they are perfect irritate me, almost as much as overly judgemental people annoy me which reminds me of another quote that I try to live by:

    For me this means simply that none of us are perfect, none of us have never done anything wrong in our lives (even something small), so none of us has the right to pass judgment on another human being.