Things that confuse me about haircuts

Neurotypicals seem to place quite a high priority on how their hair looks and I really don't understand their fixation with it. For example:

  1. Why they talk about going to the hairdresser (who cares?)
  2. Why they enjoy having their hair cut (bright lights, horrible chemical smells and a hairdresser who talks incessant b*****ks)
  3. Why they walk up to you periodically with a big grin and say, "So, what do you think? Do you like it?" (as if I'm expected to notice that something has changed. Hint: I never do)
  4. Why they constantly brush, fluff-up or re-style their hair throughout the day (I ran a cursory brush through it when I got up, and I go to work to, y'know, work, not play with my hair all day)
  5. Why hairdressers are always trying to convince you to 'try something new' (err, it's taken me a decade to find something that both looks and feels acceptable, why would I change that?)
  6. Why they cost so much (especially with the amount of torment we have to put up with, per point 2, frankly we should be paid to be sat there)

Do you understand it? Funny stories and explanations both welcome and encouraged.

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