does it make you feel good? ive been listening to the doors recently?gaz

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  • It comes from a slang term for something bad;

    Cat Melodin.

    From Irish. Apparently it referred to a bad piece of turf.

  • Got to hear 'Ambulance Song.'

    Strong Mid-Sixties America vibe.

  • I was that interested in the name I googled it. But thankfully decided making a fuss about something that shouldn't automatically be assumed , would be decidedly uncool.

    I have a former acquaintance who once got a hitch-hiking lift off Paul & Linda McCartney, in a Roller, not far from their palatial terraced house in Sussex. They were not really going his way, and he very sensibly decided that he should not really acknowledge who they were, but just let them drop him off to start hitchhiking again. He was tempted to just go along for the ride, as they were clearly quite hospitable.

    I've had a few similar encounters myself, but won't bore you all with the mundane details. Just to say,  two of those encounters involved members of  what I would call the ''Burn Out, not fade away' fraternity. And I could see it happening soon, even on a chance encounter or two. Sure enough, soon after  .....  .

    I suppose that is what I find interesting about the links I put up here They mostly survived with remarkable cheerfulness and wit. John Densmore's recent comment was that he felt completely cheated by and very angry about Jim Morrison's departure, and so never really acknowledged it. I found JM's work a bit too bohemian showoff for my long-term comfort. And can fully understand how the real musicians in the band would feel cheated by that. There is a lot to be said for old surviving farts who still enjoy live performance. Perhaps it is high -time I took up musical performance myself.

  • Let your Weirdness Carry You Home is my favourite tune.  Got 3 or 4 of his records though.  Southlands is brilliant.

  • I can imagine you knowing them.  I've often suspected from your posts you  are  famous yourself.  Reading between the lines you are talking about Nick Drake and Sandy Denny?

  • ;-) I'm only renowned for being almost completely inconspicuous. No, I'm actually referring to two dead pretenders, amongst others. I don't embroider much. But perhaps some significant stuff tends to happen around 'silent' folk because the more famous don't think we're really taking any notice.

  • I see.  Do you want to know which celeb your remind me of from your posts or would you rather not know?  I think the Autistic Detective has got this one wrong haha.   I like The Pretenders Christmas song.  Classic.

  • Well, it was and still is a band worth looking out for. 

    I'd forgotten that song.. I was just wondering a bit why Chrissie is wearing a Sally Army bonnet in the Youtube video, but the SA Brass Band Christmas Concerts connection is pretty obvious.  Chrissie, I never saw in real life. I remember seeing the whole band minus Chrissie in a winter-time pub at about the time of the double tragedy. They all lived in much the same area as myself then.

    :-) I know nothing about the Autistic Detective, so can't really say. I suppose I enjoy investigating stuff; but not very systematically. Perhaps the Singing Detective, but even though I have a video of it, I've never really gotten around to properly watching that either.

    Do you have anything in common with your namesake? I don't really have much in common with my musical tastes.

  • You mean Malojian the band?  Never met the fella so i couldn't tell ya.