autism and costumed characters

Hi guys,

I am an autistic teens with ocd who loves disneyland characters so much. the reason i love disneyland characters because they are so cute. when i was there and i gave these characters a hug, i love the touch of the costumed characters.

so i like to know how common for autistic people to love to touch the costumed characters in places like disneyland?

  • this sounds like either a special interest, a stim, or both.

    if its a special interest; people express themselves and their special interests differently, and its perfectly if the way you help yourself process things by touching them. 

    if its a stim, that is also normal. the costumes are usually fuzzy, right? if you like to touch them because of their texture, that's a stim.

    if it's both, then i guess both of the above are true at the same time.

    hope this helps!