Good Morning

Something that has always amused me is people saying "Good Morning" to each other. Or even just "Morning" which I assume means the same thing. But can someone explain to me what it actually mean? Is it "Having a good morning?" "Have a good morning" "This is a good morning" because they all mean different things and I don't know how to answer. Is it intended as a question? I know all you're supposed to do is just answer "Good morning" back but I don't like not understanding what it means. I guess it means different things depending on who's asking, right? Because why would anything be consistent? :P and don' get me started on the ""how are you" question that usually follows. This is so confusing! I don't think you're actually supposed to answer it, I think it's meant as a prompt to ask the other person how they are. But again, never really understood. Can anyone enlighten me? I know something so trivial shouldn't bother me but I've always been baffled by this ritual.