Beautiful People

This world is full of beautiful people. 

Months ago, I walked past an elderly couple in town, who were walking along, arm in arm, and the lady was singing. I stopped to tell her that I loved her singing and that I do that ~ sing and walk ~ and she told me that she does it because her husband’s got dementia and her singing soothes him. 

I bumped into them again today, just outside of town and we stopped and had a longer chat today. Honestly, if they walked into a pitch black room, they would light it up, either one of them, because when you look at their faces, you are suddenly filled with extreme love, joy and happiness. I could look at their faces all day long. She said that people always smile at them and I said it’s because they can’t help it. Honestly, they fill you with so much love, just by looking at them. 

I know where they live now, so I’m going to buy them some daffodils and deliver them. It turns out as well, that their son and one of their granddaughters are really famous. Of course not to them but they’re still proud of their achievements but mostly because they are also beautiful, kind, loving  people. She said their family still all visit, regularly, and they come for advice. I said I bet they do. You could go to the ends of the earth and you wouldn’t find anyone who is better suited to give advice than this beautiful lady. 

What a beautiful beautiful couple, who have been married for over 60 years. I feel honoured, privileged and blessed to have been touched by them and it is absolute proof, to me, that love is the greatest power of all. I would challenge anyone, to stand in front of these two, beautiful, perfectly ordinary people, and not feel their love. They would melt the heart of the most hard hearted of people, just by standing there. 

I don’t care what anybody says. The world is full of beautiful people. I could write a little story about every person I bumped into today. Each one of them has touched my heart and my life in the most spectacular of  ways and most of them haven’t even got a clue about it. They are simply going about their day, not knowing, how much love they have brought into the world today. They have no idea how their presence in this world has touched the heart and soul of at least one person today and they have turned my tears into tears of sheer joy and gratitude. 

We never know the impact we’re having on other people. That’s even more of a reason to be kind and loving to everyone we meet, because you never know when somebody needs a bit of loving kindness in their lives and sometimes ~ and I know this because it happens to me, a lot ~ all it takes is a little smile and a nod of the head. 

When I left my house this morning, I was so tired, through lack of sleep due to my busy little head and tons and tons of stuff I’m processing right now, that I just kept crying. But I have come back a different person. If I were to die in my sleep tonight, I would die, perfectly happy, perfectly loved, perfectly grateful and having perfectly achieved my mission here on earth. 

I don’t really know what that mission is, but all I can say is, that I know this world is full of beautiful people and that love really is the most powerful power on earth. And somehow, that gives me a sense that I’ve somehow achieved what I came here to achieve ‍♀️ ~ to know that the world really is full of nothing but love, despite appearances ‍♀️ ~ was that my mission? To know that through experience? Who knows ‍♀️ not that it matters

I used to feel like a total freak and a total weirdo because I love all people, unconditionally. I tried my best to change this, so I could fit in with everybody else, but it didn’t stop me loving other people but it did make me want to die. My attempt was an epic fail. 

However, today, I can say that thank god I do love all people, equally and with passion and thank god I failed to reverse this, because if I did, I would miss out on being touched by some of the most beautiful people on this planet and being touched daily by the incredible love and generosity of the people that I meet. People who feed my soul and who nourish and sustain me and who are always there for me, even when they don’t know it, even when they don’t even know me, such as, so called ‘strangers’ who pass me on the path, and give me one of those little looks, that says it all or a little smile, just when I need it. 

Everything that happens in this world, happens for us, you need only open your eyes to see it. But to do that, you have to first choose love. Over every other emotion or thought.

Whatever you say, say it with love, and love will speak back to you. 

Whatever you do, do it with love, and love will give back to you. 

Wherever you go, go with love, and love will provide for you