So I went to a Quaker meeting.

Well, I didn’t actually physically go to a meeting.  The Quakers in England run an online meeting you can go attend.

Theology has always been an interest and their values broadly correspond with mine.  How you interpret those values is up to you. I sat in my bedroom, cup of camomile tea in hand and just sat quietly for twenty minutes just breathing and being still.  Some people spoke or typed suggestions/thoughts.

I felt a little uncomfortable with the words “worship” at the beginning, but you don’t have to use or like those words.  It’s a very broad Church.

How did I find it? Well, it was an really interesting experience.  It felt similiar to when I tried mediating. I would go to another online meeting again. Perhaps one day a I will go to a physical meeting.

Is anyone else a Quaker? Been to their meetings etc

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