Mishear & Misread

Does anyone else suffer from my problems?

Where I mishear or misread something.

The latest incident is a BBC website  article, where I initially read.

Call to exclude pupils with ASD.

It actually read.

Call to test excluded pupils for ADHD.

Very different!

I often watch DVDs with subtitles.  And when I'm unsure of what was said or written I rewind and listen/read again.  And the second time round it's different.

Parents Reply
  • No, that’s not what I’m saying. You can define poverty in any which way you want but you will NEVER make it true. It is simply a mindset. Nothing more. And again, I don’t believe anything. I don’t have beliefs. I either know something or I don’t. To believe, is to doubt, and if I had a doubt, I don’t know if it, so I simply don’t know.

    Well, here we arrive at the contradiction.

    You saying that poverty is simply a mindset is simply *YOUR BELIEF*.  And yet you don't have beliefs.  Except clearly you do.  Hence your statement "I don't have beliefs" is clearly contradicted.