Photo diary

Today on my walks I ended up in the village of Addingham.  A small prosperous place with a shop, several pubs and plenty of traditional cottages and posh new housing estates.

Cottages with what looks like a traditional telephone box.

But it is in fact one of the new free libraries that are springing up.  Where you can take a book and leave your own books 

The village church of course.

One of the people I spoke with.

Parks and cottages.

On the way home on this humid day, I took a bus which was full of people and it stank like a public toilet.

  • Thanks for sharing, looks like a lovely place! Those houses look like an investment, they look solidly built. They probably will be there for a very long time.

  • Lovely photos. Never seen one of those phone boxes used like that before.

  • Today was another warm humid day.  So I went out again.  This time in the opposite direction.

    I got of the bus in the village of Harewood and went exploring following a public footpath.

    Found a small castle ruins in the woods.

    Following more paths, I found myself lost as the paths ended in dead ends.

    I came across a family having a picnic and asked for help.  The children showed me the path out of the woods.

    On the main road I came across another phone box converted to different use.

    I went to the local pub to use their facilities but unfortunately there was a notice on the main door that toilets are only for use of customers. So back on the bus and I traveled to Harrogate and used the toilets at a modern clean M&S store.

    In Harrogate I came across a free walking tour and the group leader invited me to join them.  And I spent the next hour following them around, seeing the sights and getting a nice history lesson about the town.

  • I go onto these photo walks to get out of a rut and make a break with past behaviour.

    Also I identify what makes other people think I'm weird/autistic and I try to do the opposite.

    In my youth I suffered a lot from depression and I often sat alone for hours/days/weeks in a dark bedroom with curtains closed.  Now I go out instead.

    I'm trying to avoid ritualistic behaviour where one follows the same route or path repeatedly and has to complete the entire ritual.  My family life was insane !!!!!   And my father suffered from severe anxiety and rituals.  Such as going to the same local park and following the same route through it.  And he always tried to complete the whole route, with the family in tow.

    On my walks I only have a rough idea where I intend to go. I tend to explore.   I change plans as I encounter new people or new sights.  Such as last Friday, when I was intending to visit small villages north of Harrogate, instead I joined the free tour of Harrogate itself.

  • Hello Robert. I love your photo diary. Will you keep it going? I do hope so.  You live in a beautiful place.

    I believe that if you have a disability they can't refuse you the use of the toilet.

  • I love your photo diary too. Will you keep it going? I do hope so. You live in a beautiful place.

  • Today's walk from the town of Otley.

    It's making a big deal of it's Chippendale connection.

    A couple of traditional cottages.  I wish I could afford to live here.

    It's not just sheep they farm here.

    I find the public footpath entrance and start climbing the hill through the forest.

    A nice view of the villages below.

    I only came across a few people in the forest today, but they all were friendly and said hello.

    Tomorrow morning it's my appointment at the citizens advice bureau.  I'm dreading it.  Then dealing with my new caseworker who's only a trainee and not familiar with my long term problems.

  • Greetings Mr.Math-Photographer-Sir. This is my finally commenting upon this Thread... kind of what I said upon the previous Photography Thread(s)...

    Excellent Photographs. NAS, see us here, ask us. Calender, please.

  • Today I travelled as far as Ripon.  I had one 'funny'! moment in Ripon cathedral, when I misread a sign.  I read that it was pointing to Satan's crypt!  It actually said the Saxon crypt.