A Royal Wedding, Huzzah!

Good Fortune to all who may read.

I honestly have no idea why I begin this Thread, yet it is begun nonetheless, and I do feel quite strongly about it. I very much like and respect Queen And Country. And...This is my first and maybe last attempt at a POLL. (I might also expect this to be a very short Thread.)

What think anyone here, of Our Great Royal Family...?

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  • No interest in the Royal Family at all, though I wish them no harm.  I've never really understood the national obsession with them, though.  Bastions of inherited wealth and privilege, they're the head and backbone of the entire body of social and class stratification in the UK.  The elite of the elite. But maybe we Brits just like to defer.  We like to have an institution that we can look up to, and keep us in our proper inferior place.

    As for the wedding... I'm sure it'll be a good distraction for the masses: a national 'coming together' and reason to get the Union flags out and wave them in a Britain stuck in the quagmire of Brexit negotiations.  Let's not forget, too, the 'cleaning-up' of the streets of Windsor, so that no one has to see homeless or destitute people.  We don't want to be reminded of social problems on such a 'happy' occasion, do we.

    I resent paying my taxes to fund part of it when there are far more important things to spend the money on.

    Sorry.  Party-pooper.  Big party, too.  £32 million.  Alright for some.

    I'm not married anyway, so I wouldn't be invited.

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