What interests you?


I'm new here and thought I'd try to get to know people by finding out more about you individually, if that's okay? 

So I'm really into animal behaviour. Having previously been a vet nurse it always fascinated me & was obviously a big part of my job so that was a bonus. As a result I have pets... currently 2 house rabbits and a lovely gerbil. 
I'm also into motorbikes... having grown up around them I just love to be around them & riding them. 

So what interests you?

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  • I have my artistic path and trying to take it up to a more professional notch. I work in abstract mixed media. 

    As a kid I was fascinated by volcanoes and last year got to holiday with my partner at Catania and Randazzo in Sicily, on the foothills of Etna. I also used to love science fiction and still do, though it has to be the right kind of SF. Recently I tracked down an old favourite of mine, Invader on my Back, by Phillip E High. No, not the great Mr *** himself, though I did eventually get introduced to him too. 

    All things gothic has been Pashto of mine too, I used to review a lot of international goth bands as well as books for a semi-professionali zone in exchange for a generous amount of merchandise. I review books now for Goodreads, Netgalley now, again I get sent things. I do buy the occasional thing too, recently buying things on the Gnostics.

    Films is a newer interest, ones with lots of atmosphere and mystery. The 1989 version of The Woman in Black shows what can be done with shooting and where less is more, for example. 

    Then - cats. And did I say cats?

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