I am having fun trying to upload images which are two large of knitting and crochet projects,  these add colour and interest to topics and I will succeed in the end.  Does anyone

enjoy digital photography, knitting or crochet?  

  • Hi Bardic Poet. One of my main interests is digital image editing and creating digital artwork.  I enjoy making memes - especially ones where I can create photo montages, and put politicians in compromising situations!  ;-)  I use Gimp,  the free, open source image editing program similar to Photoshop.  You can download it in a few minutes.  There's a lot to learn, and after several years I'm still only scratching the surface with its capabilities. Image size or resolution reduction is easy,  though.  Sounds like your images are too big. Try reducing the resolution and it should work. I've not tried knitting, but I like that kind of thing, so will give it a try sometime.  I'm sure it would be good for reducing anxiety. 

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